Distinctly Different? 

STRESS melting® Academy... "Opening the door to the future of health care"

Our primary goal is to wisely recruit, inspire, train, and employ 100 more Certified Stress Melters.  We reject the notion that masking symptoms is health care.  We believe that the future of health care is stress melting.  We invite like minded people to help us create the future.  Call 781-217-4233  to schedule a NO COST demonstration.

Training Certified Stress Melters "How to do well, while doing good!" During our training program, you can "earn while you learn". Explore the LIFE changing magic of Stress Melting as a client. Our team members discover huge opportunities to help others and advance their capacity to help themselves.

VITALISTIC Philosophy:

Looking to the wisdom of your Body / Mind / Spirit, this model expects and finds readable clues to help one reconnect to the Source of what heals. Disconnect patterns manifest / materialize as “frozen zones” and are caused by stress overload. Distinctly different from the"therapeutic model", this approach offers a proactive life style to health and wellness. World Health Organization, (WHO) defines Health as, “a complete state of optimum physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

A Stress Melting session is a unique experience (hard to describe with words). Beginning with a basic understanding of the Vitalistic Philosophy and readable clues, the how of a stress melting session proceeds as follows: From sitting on our table to laying down for approximately 5 minutes, our clients allow a hands-on procedure to enable us to read the stress patterns (i.e. readable clues) and reconnect their “FLOW” (i.e. melt their stress). They report positive, interesting, and some times unusual changes following their sessions... we call this "Pirate Treasure".

The Stress Melting Academy is a school designed to teach students how to provide this procedure and interact with clients who wish to experience this. Being exposed to this experience and helping others enjoy this process has been my passion for over 34 years. I wish to allow our students to benefit from this service financially and personally, by providing a 100% job placement for our graduates.

Stress is experiencing OVERLOAD...  Melting is experiencing FLOW...  We teach YOU the FLOW part!

While celebrating my current level of awareness and knowing that I am the source of my reality, I chose this life journey with all its curves and all its edges, all of its perfect imperfections and all of me loves all of me. At NOW with THOU, I vibrate 111% trust love and gratitude... Expectations, Intentions, Evidence, Indicators, Outcomes are mine to create. So I celebrate my next level of awareness, again, and again... And again! With Sonder, I choose to spread PB&J (peace, blessings, and joy) every step of the way! Stress Melters unite to bring the world a brand new way to melt stress and help visualize/ create/ realize this Stress Melting movement being BIGGER than Starbucks!

The LIFE changing magic of Stress Melting®

1. Stress causes 80 to 85% of all human disease and illness.

2.  Misleading concepts are perpetuated for profit:  We call it the "DIM path", (The Drug machine, the Insurance machine, & the Medical machine). It lead you to “the dark side” and these machines work very hard to “keep you in the dark”.

3.  While contrary to the stories and myths heavily promoted, Stress Melting offers a brand new way to reconnect you to your source of health and well-being. Knowing that what you resists persists, the Stress Melting Academy has no opinion on your choosing or not choosing the DIM path and the old way of dealing with STRESS. The new way is beyond massage, therapeutic chiropractic and medicine.

4.  This new way to handle STRESS overload that is simple, safe & effective.

5.  While there is a fee for reconnect sessions and Stress Melting lessons, four of our six services are completely free. Plus, you can receive free services and income by helping others discover stress melting. You will quickly feel the difference and see the changes for yourself.

6.  At a free introduction, YOU can explore our entire menu of services and their benefits.

These include:

                * job opportunities to help us grow and share stress melting with our world

                * internet access to our instant, fast and deep stress melting

                * hands on stress melting reconnect sessions

                * melt maven lessons (how to help others feel and see this life changing magic)

                * training to become, and facilities to work as, a Certified Stress Melter.

“110% trust! He reads my body life cliff notes. Great surroundings and environment…Dr. Holt is very accepting of all people – extreme comfort! Feels like family.” 

                                                 - Jodi Rehm, Whitman MA


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday:

           8:30 a.m. - 6:00 pm.

Plus one Saturday per month

Thursday and Sunday: Closed

Stress Melting Club

696 Plain Street, Suite #1A

Marshfield, MA 02050


Club News

Stress Melting Play shops and gathering are for non-members. 

STRESS Melting Parties are for members only!

They are tons of FUN!  Call today, to be added to our waiting list.  We will let you know the dates and times available to participate.

Dr. Jack Charles Holt (DC), has developed a outstanding team.  He has over 36 years experience helping our clients melt stress. 

We believe in personalized care based on your stress melting needs and desires.  Read More

Check out our YOUTUBE video(s): Stories, Thoughts, Ideas for Stress Melting... Short, Sweet, and FREE!


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Imagine an expansive community of healers!
Stress Melting, who needs that?
How might you use this resource?
What might they do for you, your family, or a friends?
Why would you choose to be connected to this community?
How could you support them, so they would be there when needed?

Three friends were walking down a road when they came upon a river. They noticed people being swept away by the rapids, down stream. Old and young, people of all shapes and sizes, passing by them and headed toward a large waterfall. Knowing they had to do something, the first one ran down stream to the falls and climbed out over a large branch hanging over the falls. Grabbing some of the people as they passed by, she was able to swing them to the bank of the river and save them from certain death. The second person made a raft and paddled it out to the middle of the river. Catching as many of the individuals as possible, both of them were working feverishly to help all they could. The raft soon became over burdened and bogged down, helping fewer and fewer of the individuals swept down stream. The large branch had its limits as well. Shortly, they noticed their third friend running up stream. Together they screamed “Where are you going?” The third friend answered, “I am going up stream to find out who or what is throwing these people into the river!!”

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YOUR Preferred Level of Participation is your choice. We offer the "free stuff" (free samples and online info)... Personal Stress Melting (receiving hands-on sessions)... learning to give Stress Melting (as a hobby, just for fun)... and/or Master Stress Melting (instructor level) teaching the science, art and philosophy of Stress Melting. We promote these easy, affordable, and accessible levels for everyone. Supply-side economics allow sustainable expansion to make Stress Melting sessions available to individuals, communities, regions, nations... and ultimately the entire planet. Imagine a brighter future of Health for yourself, your children, their children, and so on. Proactive participation is possible to everyone willing to wake up from the current nightmare that we call "disease care". Opening the door, holding the door, and pointing the way is required to move Health Care to the next level. Join us in this evolution or just sit back and watch as we unfold humanity's new path to health and wellness.

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Imagine a community of healers, skilled in the art of Stress Melting...

re-imagining and re-engineering your next opportunity to experience health!
...Welcome to the Evolution of Health Care.

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