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We offer six stress melting levels & options beyond your limited insurance coverage.  Our services are very affordable.  You chose how much stress melting you want and need each month.

We believe 


is bad...

Melting STRESS OVERLOAD is good! We believe numbing STRESS OVERLOAD  is very BAD, and melting "stress overload" is very GOOD!!  Our Club explores what to melt and how best to melt it.  Then, YOU are free to choose what stress you wish to keep and what STRESS you wish to melt.

  Most of all,

We believe in your


to choose!


Meet our TEAM

(Left to Right)  Paul, Donna, Becca

(back) Dr. Jack Charles Holt (DC), has developed a outstanding team.  He has over 33 years experience helping our clients melt stress.  

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Stress Melting Club

696 Plain Street, Suite #1A

Marshfield, MA 02050


Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday:

           8:30 a.m. - 6:00 pm.

Plus one Saturday per month

Thursday and Sunday: Closed

“110% trust! He reads my body life cliff notes. Great surroundings and environment…Dr. Holt is very accepting of all people – extreme comfort! Feels like family.” 

                                                 - Jodi Rehm, Whitman MA

               INFO:   800-846-5041

Appointments: (781) 217- 4233

Stress Melting Club

Headquarters in Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA

"I am Jack the Stress Melter"
As a student of stress melting for over 33 years, one of the most important things that I've discovered is the “best way to learn is to teach”. At my current level, I've chosen to kick this up one notch. Now, the best way for me to continue to learn is to teach teachers. As the founder and President of the International Association of Stress Melters, LLC, I plan to create a community of Master Stress Melters. Not only teaching them how to help our Stress Melting Club Members melt their stress, but also, how to expand these Stress Melting Clubs all over the globe.

My burning desire is to engage and empower enough individuals to change the way the world thinks about stress overload. Offering the world new alternatives to those "numbing choices" and the denial of ease! We can teach a new system of stress melting that focuses on enhancing ease and crowding out stress. As you read my message you have many choices and paths. You might choose to jump on the bandwagon, watch the parade, or just sit back and wonder what the heck is going on. One of my motto’s is "to each their own path".

Therefore, I am confident that you will choose well, and move from your current level of awareness to the next step on your path. If you have (or know someone that has) a warm heart, warm hands, and a hunger to help others, then you (they) have what I'm looking for as a foundation to begin training as a Certified Stress Melter. You could then work toward becoming a Master Stress Melter and help me teach our world new ways to enhance ease, promote wellness, and experience new levels of well-being. Come to one of our “Stress Melting Gatherings” or call us at 781-834-4499 to learn more!

Beyond massage, chiropractic & medicine.

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( ) FREE - Attend a LIVE Stress Melting demonstration*.
( ) FREE - Simply wait until participating "feels right" to you.
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( ) FREE - Share the principles of Stress Melting with others.
( ) $12 - Apprentice level Stress Melting "Reconnect" session*.
( ) $21 - Certified level Stress Melting "Reconnect" session*.
( ) $36 - Master level Stress Melting "Reconnect" session*.
( ) Support a needy & worthy student with a generous donation.

               * Services are provided "By appointment only"!