"Stress Melting is for your mind and body

like a toothbrush is for your teeth.

We use gentle touch to melt stress."

- Dr. Jack Charles Holt, Universal Light

Because more Expert Stress Melters are needed.

Our Mission:  

to bring the world a brand new way to Melt Stress.

We teach a system of "readable clues" to detect "frozen zones".
Learn how you can help your family and friends Melt Stress.
Current science shows chronic accumulated

stress overload causes 80 to 85% of all disease.

"Upstream solutions include Stress Melting"

Working on a book, "How to Gracefully SIP life"
Beginning Classes are "paint by numbers"
Advanced Classes are "Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Stress Patterns"

and "Source Field Balancing".



(781) 361-9009 


"Life Style"

We believe you love your family.

That's why exploring and sharing 

Stress Melting feels right. Instant, fast, and deep... 

"Turn YOUR Lights ON!"

  1. "3 to 10 minutes" A Stress Melting Session involves being on a relaxing table for a few minutes.
  2. Stress Melting sessions are very gentle and include touching your body (back, front, head, neck, arms, legs, feet and/or hands) in order to melt your stress.
  3. Sessions are given in the safety of an open room, and other individuals are encouraged to observe.
  4. Stress Melting functions under the authority of Universal Light Church and with the protection of the 1st and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution.
  5. Stress Melting is non-conditional.  We use "readable clues to detect frozen zones".  This excludes diagnosis, treatments, therapies, drugs, and surgeries. For all medical conditions, seek appropriate medical care.
  6. Stress Melting (sessions, lessons, resets, research, and mission) is completely DONATION BASED.

Offering Classes, demonstrations, online training, "play shops" and more!

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Stress Melting Academy