Imagine an expansive community of healers!
- Stress Melting, who needs that?
- How might you use this resource?
- What might they do for you, your family, or a friends?
- Why would you choose to be connected to this community?
- How could you support them, so they would be there when needed?

Three friends were walking down a road when they came upon a river. They noticed people being swept away by the rapids, down stream. Old and young, people of all shapes and sizes, passing by them and headed toward a large waterfall. Knowing they had to do something, the first one ran down stream to the falls and climbed out over a large branch hanging over the falls. Grabbing some of the people as they passed by, she was able to swing them to the bank of the river and save them from certain death. The second person made a raft and paddled it out to the middle of the river. Catching as many of the individuals as possible, both of them were working feverishly to help all they could. The raft soon became over burdened and bogged down, helping fewer and fewer of the individuals swept down stream. The large branch had its limits as well. Shortly, they noticed their third friend running up stream. Together they screamed “Where are you going?” The third friend answered, “I am going up stream to find out who or what is throwing these people into the river!!”

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YOUR Preferred Level of Participation is your choice. We offer the "free stuff" (free samples and online info)... Personal Stress Melting (receiving hands-on sessions)... learning to give Stress Melting (as a hobby, just for fun)... and/or Master Stress Melting (instructor level) teaching the science, art and philosophy of Stress Melting. We promote these easy, affordable, and accessible levels for everyone. Supply-side economics allow sustainable expansion to make Stress Melting sessions available to individuals, communities, regions, nations... and ultimately the entire planet. Imagine a brighter future of Health for yourself, your children, their children, and so on. Proactive participation is possible to everyone willing to wake up from the current nightmare that we call "disease care". Opening the door, holding the door, and pointing the way is required to move Health Care to the next level. Join us in this evolution or just sit back and watch as we unfold humanity's new path to health and wellness.

What to do NEXT...
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Imagine a community of healers, skilled in the art of Stress Melting...
re-imagining and re-engineering your next opportunity to experience health!
...Welcome to the revolution of Health Care.
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Why Stress Melting?
1.  Because less stress is more fun, and more fun feels great. 

2.  Let's start with the basics:  Stress experiencing overload. Melt is experiencing FLOW. We focus on helping you create the FLOW experience. 

3.  We are training a new type of "First Responder".  May I paint you a picture?  Imagine dodging disease before you are forced to treat it. Your “escape hatch” is stress melting and "Readable clues" your early warning system. 

4.  “It is a special body energy balancing system, done by touch.  Imagine combining gentle pressure points and mathematical patterns with a well trained musician to create a 21st Century version of 'laying of hands'. An intriguing experience for all curious enough to try it!”

5.  I would love to send you some info that might help you. 

6.  If you wish, just send us your contact info an
d I will send it to you shortly.

Stress is experiencing OVERLOAD...  Melting is experiencing FLOW...  We teach YOU the FLOW part!

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