Enjoyed STRESS melting(r) and back for more...

Here is a small sample of what our members  have to say:

“Dr. Holt is able to detect which area needs attention without being told. Although I never feel rushed, I always seem to be in and out quickly. This is most important: the results are extremely impressive and long-lasting.”

Scott Kirwan, Cohasset

“Compassionate, cost effective, competent… what can I say… Dr. Holt is a 10 +.”

Virginia Perry, Norwell

Stress is experiencing OVERLOAD...  Melting is experiencing FLOW...  We teach YOU the FLOW part!

“Dr. Holt always makes you feel welcomed and really values you and cares about you. He is an expert , a good listener, and validates your feelings and concerns. You are seen right away and get all of his attention. I feel more relaxed and able to be more flexible after my visit.”

Susan West, Marshfield

“Very welcoming atmosphere, clear & thorough explanations, and the best results -far exceeded my expectations.”

Linda Surette, Marshfield

“Convenient after work hours, pain relief quickly, in & out service, gets it right every time. Well worth the drive!”

Kendra Sawyer, Attleboro

“Having heard of friends and family who use other offices, I truly believe Dr. Holt is the best. Results are amazing. I enjoy watching the smiles on the other patients faces when I leave the office. It’s like everyone holds their head a little higher.”

Jen Foote, Duxbury

“The office is relaxing, clean, comfortable, and the people are great. My appointments are always on time and I’m in and out in a short time. I am feeling great – God Bless chiropractic.”

Barbara Maltese, Pembroke

“I always feel a sense of relaxation when I arrive for an adjustment. Dr. Holt & staff are always upbeat, open, and ready to listen with a smile. I appreciate the thoroughness of a 20 minute visit. Very skilled, I have been seeing Dr. Holt for over 18 years and my back appreciated it… as well as my whole being!”

Ann Callanan, Duxbury

“Convenience and Results!”

Kim Brundage, Marshfield

“Always friendly, always thorough, always comfortable… with fantastic results!”

Donna Foulsham, Sandwich

“I can always get in when I need to. Dr. Holt knows his stuff and shares his wealth of knowledge and experience. In and out, and the job is done well. I feel good, I keep coming back, and I refer others.”

Ann Finnie, Scituate

“As soon as I enter the office a sense of wellbeing and quietness envelopes me. I want to stay and take a rest. Dr. Holt has God given gifts and talents, and uses them to bring to me- healing and all the results of his training. Wonderful results!”

Pricilla Elliot, Duxbury

“I seem to be feeling much better.”

Richard Alley, Braintree

“Dr. Holt is attentive and sensitive to my physical, emotional and spiritual needs. He clearly understands his work. Proven results, that is why he has loyal clients like me. Dr. Holt is top-notch!”

Ellen Gunning, Marshfield

“He has kept me out of a wheel chair for the past 13 years. I wish my co-pay was less, but it’s worth it.”

Betty Haskell, Buzards Bay

“110% TRUST, He reads my body like cliff notes. Great surroundings / environment… Dr Holt is very accepting of all people – extreme comfort. Feels like family!”

Jodi Rehm, Whitman

“Dr. Holt & Staff are always learning and love their job and it shows. Very comfortable office environment and the care is taken to ensure everything works just right. Everything is explained and they offer different media for information (i.e. web, print, in person meetings…)”

Katherine Nolin, Pembroke

“Thorough explanation and then some. Staff is very patient and sweet. I love the holistic environment. Simply, wonderful professional people.”

Eileen Duggan, Duxbury 

“Friendly atmosphere & efficient office visits, plus Dr. Holt’s unique Happiness Guarantee!”

Ray Haskell, Buzards Bay 

“Very comfortable surroundings, very personal approach with each client, and great staff… Dr. Holt, you are amazing!”

Bob Maffeo, Marshfield

“Life is better if Dr. Charles Holt is your Chiropractor. He is very friendly and can explain any adjustment in detail. Very convenient, even from 45 minutes away! In my opinion, Dr. Holt must be one of the best.”

Darren King, Norton

“Excellent results!”

Phyllis Willis, Marshfield