WHY?   Because less stress is more fun, and more fun feels great.  You want some stress melting!  YES, you do.

Stress Melting Party

Are you ready?  Let's get you scheduled...

Stress is experiencing OVERLOAD...  Melting is experiencing FLOW...  We teach YOU the FLOW part!

 Stress Melting Party tickets are $30 per person

If you already have a ticket, please complete the short form below *.  

If you do not have a ticket and wish to purchase one, simple email us at info@stressmelting.com or call (781) 217-4233, press option 3

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"Grown Up Healthcare" We are training a new type of HERO. 

May I paint you a picture?  Imagine dodging disease before you are FORCED to treat it.

Your “escape hatch” is stress melting, and "Readable clues" your early warning system.  Certified Stress Melters are skilled in the science and art of Stress Melting.