Stress Melting?

Let's start with the basics: Stress is experiencing OVERLOAD.

Melt is experiencing FLOW.

We focus on helping you create the FLOW experience.

It is a special ... body energy balancing system, done by touch.  Imagine combining gentle pressure points and mathematical patterns with a well trained musician to create a new type of HERO.  An intriguing experience for all curious enough to try it! 

The academy offers three types of Stress Melting:  Personal, Community, and Global. Personal Stress Melting tunes in to WIIFM (what's in it for me).  Community Stress Melting expands the focus to our circle of friends and family. Global Stress Melting is focused on the rapid evolution of healthcare and opening the door to our future

Sessions range from $36 to as little as $9 each and the first one is always free. All sessions include a risk reversal “plus one money back guarantee”.  Lessons start with a Stress Melting Party (cover charge $30) and can go as far and deep as you wish into the Stress Melting Revolution.

Stress Melting Academy of Marshfield, (781) 217-4233

Stress is experiencing OVERLOAD...  Melting is experiencing FLOW...  We teach YOU the FLOW part!

Our STRESS melting(r) Services:    Grown UP Healthcare, helping people Melt Stress

"Plus one, Money Back Guarantee"
 We always appreciate feedback from our Stress Melting Club members. However, if you are uncommonly dissatisfied with your Stress Melting Sessions, you can discontinue your club membership at any time and we are happy to give you a full refund for your last session.
Thank you!
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Acceptance of Terms:  Because Stress Melting are very very safe and Certified Stress Melters do not offer surgery or offer advice on the use of drugs... We are proud of the fact that we do not attempt to name or treat any illness or disease.  Each Stress Melting Session is very safe.

Jack the Stress Melter

Stress Melting Club. 

After Graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City Missouri in 1981, I opened an office in a suburb of Tulsa…Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In 1987, my wife, five children and I moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts. I have practiced on the South Shore since 1987. We added one more child to make a grand total of six. I truly appreciate the opportunity to have served thousands of individuals over the past three decades.  By opening the Stress Melting School in 2014, we are now  focus on teaching the teachers.  Helping our Apprentices move to Certified Stress Melter, and then on to Master Stress Melters.

Our Academy trains

Certified STRESS melters

With the right skills, the right touch, the right systems & the right place... We focus on melting your stress & enhancing your ease. By not naming or treating any illness or disease (the old way), STRESS melting® offers a brand new system...

Beyond the medical model & the chiropractic therapeutic model, we teach you how

  to receive AND give STRESS melting®.

Both is better!

So, you are invited to jump on the bandwagon, watch the parade, or just sit back and

wonder what the heck is going on.